How Bestball™ Works

Live Leaderboards

Team scores are entered online. Bestball™ keeps track of the scores and supplies a live leaderboard available to anyone with a smartphone or computer.

More Sponsors

Gain more sponsorship opportunities by including live scoring sponsorships. That means more sponsorship dollars for you!

More Players

List your tournament in the Bestball™ searchable database to attract more players. Live scoring is so much fun, players will seek out Bestball™ scored tournaments!

Why does my tournament need Bestball™?

If you are a player…

Imagine your foursome is -10 and on the 18th hole of the big tournament. You don't know if you are leading or needing to make birdie to force a tie. Do you go for the green or play it safe? Wouldn't it be great if you knew where you stand on the leaderboard? That's where Bestball™ comes in.

If you are a Tournament Coordinator…

As tournament day gets closer, the stress of finding players and more sponsors increases. What will draw them in? How can you get those last few hole sponsorships filled?

If you are a Golf Course…

When a charity is trying to decide on where to play their annual golf tournament, what makes your course different than all the rest? Bestball™ Member Courses have an edge. Best of all, Member Courses can use Bestball™ for their own Member/Member Member/Guest and other course specific tournaments.