Crafting Excellence on the Green: Atomic Golf's Joel Leopard Talks Custom Golf Products

Crafting Excellence on the Green: Atomic Golf's Joel Leopard Talks Custom Golf Products

Joel Leopard, founder of Atomic Golf (, shares his passion for crafting unique golf experiences, from custom ball markers to trophies, in an engaging conversation on The Hole Story Podcast.




Crafting an Exclusive Golf Experience
Golf aficionados cherish not just the game, but also the unique flair that differentiates one course from another. The episode dove into Leopard's approach to customization, which isn't just about branding but embodies the essence of individual golf courses. Joel and the hosts envision a future where every golf course boasts its personalized logo, creatively adapted into usable items for the sport, such as ball markers. 

Elevating the Golf Tournament Space
The conversation highlighted Joel's knack for conceptualization, from his fresh take on Atomic Golf offerings to the creation of custom trophies inspired by friendships at nearby at Old Barnwell. With a special mention of his experimentation with negative space—a design technique that's winning over enthusiasts—his pieces are making waves in courses all over the country. 

Memorable Moments and Mastery
Joel Leopard candidly shared golfing tales that span near hole-in-one feats to remarkable approaches with unconventional clubs. Such anecdotes stitch together the fabric of a golfer's journey. Joel praises Rob Collins of King-Collins Golf Design for producing great coruses like Landmand and Sweetens Cove, and is very excited about their next project, 21GolfClub, in nearby Jackson, SC. 

A Nod to Inspiration and Aspirations
Drawing from his grandfather and father's work in nuclear power, Leopard's brand, Atomic Golf, is steeped in a potent mixture of personal heritage and innovative craftsmanship. He credits his business's inception to the support from his early days as a caddy, spotlighting its evolution into a platform for imaginative golf accessories. 

Conclusion: Crafting Future Legends on the Green
The Hole Story Podcast's episode with Joel Leopard casts a light on the intricate relationship between the sport of golf and the personalized flourishes that enhance its character. Joel's artistic ventures, heartfelt memories, and aspirations stand as a testament to the love for the game and the community's dedication to crafting future legends on the green. With every stroke and each crafted piece, Joel Leopard and Atomic Golf continue to shape the uniquely personalized future of golf.

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