The Hole Story Podcast - Episode 23 Recap

The Hole Story Podcast - Episode 23 Recap

The latest episode of our podcast took us on a journey through the eyes of Patrick Koenig, a golf enthusiast turned professional photographer. Patrick's love for the game led him from the fairways and greens of Arlington Park Golf Course in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to capturing the stunning landscapes and intense moments of the sport through his camera lens.

The episode kicked off with a discussion on the Tour Championship and the impressive golf skills displayed by Victor Hovland. The debate took a deeper turn as we scrutinized the Ryder Cup picks, exploring the potential dynamics that the inclusion of Justin Thomas and Brooks Kepka might introduce into the locker room. The European team was also identified as one to keep an eye on, adding another layer of intrigue to the championship talk.

Switching gears, the conversation moved to Patrick's journey from golf enthusiast to professional photographer. His transition wasn't merely a change of tools from a golf club to a camera, but a transformation of passion into profession. A highlight was his epic walk-off eagle celebration at the end of his summer internship with the Wisconsin Golf Association, a moment of triumph captured for posterity...well, most of it. 

Patrick also shared his secret to capturing stunning golf course shots. It was a peek into the meticulous preparation and creativity that goes into each photo, an art that is as strategic and unpredictable as the game of golf itself. However, the journey was not all smooth sailing. Patrick also talked about the less glamorous side of golf, travel, and photography.

From the physical conditioning and recovery strategies required to survive multiple rounds of golf and long trips between courses, to the logistics of scheduling trips and managing broken ACs (yes, multiple) and unpredictable weather, Patrick gave us an insight into the challenges that come with life on the road. He also shared his philosophy on playing bad golf with a smile and how he balances the logistical aspects of his passion.

We got a glimpse into Patrick's RGV life, the challenges of traveling and living on the road for a golf tour. Despite the frustrations of broken parts on the RGV, he credits it for getting him from course to course and providing unique experiences. We also learned about Patrick's growing collection of golf memorabilia, gradually filling up the RV and destined to take over his apartment!

Patrick's story reminds us that golf is not just a sport, but a way of life that can inspire passion beyond the greens. His journey, challenges, and victories serve as a testament to the power of passion and dedication. Whether you're a golf enthusiast, a photography lover, or just someone who appreciates a good story, this episode has something for you.

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