The Social Swing: Finding Joy in Golf's Shared Moments with Zack Zortman, the Average Dad

The Social Swing: Finding Joy in Golf's Shared Moments with Zack Zortman, the Average Dad

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Embracing Fun Over the Scorecard

On this week's episode of The Hole Story Podcast, we meet Zack Zortman, an avid golfer who, contrary to his Twitter handle suggests, is an above average dad with an extraordinary passion for the game. Brought together by a common love for the fairways, they delve into what makes golf more than just a sport – it’s a community. With a special nod to our sponsor Atomic Golf, they kicked off a conversation that spanned from the snowy tops of the Sandhills to the sun-soaked greens of TPC Scottsdale.

The Nebraska Sandhills: A Golfer's Haven

Zack joined us all the way from Elkhorn, Nebraska, a place where snow is no stranger and golf courses dot the landscape like a carefully designed quilt. Here, they traversed the popularity of golf in Nebraska, with Zack spotlighting the remarkable Sandhills. This unique topography is a golfer's dream, offering terrain that naturally lends itself to unparalleled course designs. Landmand, in particular, captured Zack's admiration for its sprawling greens and varied play options, making for an engaging and surprising round every time.

Equipment and Grub: Essentials for Enjoyment

When it comes to equipment, Zack is a Callaway enthusiast, but loves getting fit and trying out the latest equipment from many manufacturers. His appreciation for quality gear extends to his love of course logos—simple yet profound, much like his favored Sandhills emblem. But it's not all about the gear; on-course snacks are key to a good game! While these days Zack might not reach for a Snickers and red Gatorade as often, the image serves as a fond reminder of the simple joys found during a game of golf.

The Heart of the Game: People and Memories

Amidst anecdotes of hole-in-ones and nearly snagging an albatross, Zack's tales echo a common thread: the intrinsic value of shared experiences. Recounting a memorable shot that intertwined with a precious memory of his father and grandfather, he defined the essence of golf's allure—it's the people and moments that resonate more profoundly than any score. For Zack, a perfect day on the fairway includes Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and his dad—his dream foursome, where laughs are plenty and strokes are just a number.

Bucket Lists and Dream Greens

The conversation turned to bucket-list courses, with Bandon Dunes topping Zack's must-visit destinations. But it was TPC Scottsdale that held a special place in his heart as his "first big-time" experience. Robby and Zack shared a common excitement for the continued growth of golf in Nebraska, foreshadowing more shared moments and unforgettable holes.

Fitting into the Swing of Things

Club fitting blended into the discussion as yet another aspect of golf's multifaceted appeal. Having undergone his 13-14th fitting, Zack spoke of the thrills that came with the perfect set of clubs—a sentiment Robby hopes to enjoy himself sometime this year. It's these details, these personalized touches, that make the game so endlessly absorbing. And whether it's witnessing Michael Vrska's hole-in-one at Goat Hill Park or facing down a challenging course, the pair agreed: it's all about the joy.

Conclusion: More Than Just a Game

By the end of this episode of The Hole Story Podcast, it was clear that for both Zack and Robby, and indeed for many of us, golf occupies a space far beyond the realms of a mere sporting activity. It's a conduit for connection, for cherishing family ties, and for savoring the camaraderie that comes from a shared passion. The Hole Story Podcast thanks Zack for reminding us that at the heart of a great game of golf are the stories that bind us—the laughs, the triumphs, and the sheer pleasure of playing a round with great people. As for the score? Well, that's just a detail.

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