Our goal is to make your golf tournament… better.

Let us Explain

We love golf. Especially tournament golf. We are professional amateur golf tournament players. What does that mean? That we've spent more time than we'd like to admit planning, playing, and researching charity, church, and local golf course tournaments across the country. We have helped organizations in planning tournaments from inception, to finding sponsors, to sprinting from nine to eighteen with tee sheets in hand. Through these experiences we had to ask "what could make this tournament the must-play tournament every year?" If you want more players, more sponsors, more visibility for your charity or organization, and just a better tournament golfing experience, you're asking the same question.

The answer is Bestball™.


Add Your Tournament

If you organize a charity golf tournament or are a course pro, see how to get Bestball™ in the hands of your golfers!

What are the Benefits?

To the Golfer:

  • Live Leaderboard
  • Better Tournament Experience
  • Find more Tournaments in your area
  • Track your Tournament Stats

To the Organization:

  • Attract more golfers
  • More & New sponsorship opportunities
  • Raise more $$$ for your organization
  • Bring golfers back year after year!

To the Golf Course:

  • Attract new tournaments to your course
  • Live Leaderboards for all of your course's tournaments
  • More Rounds played!